Thursday, December 24, 2009

Via Roma - Second Visit

Food critics base their critiques on several visits to the same restaurant. Basing a review on just one visit can't be considered an accurate indicator, an exceptional set of circumstances on a particular day could too easily lead to service and food that doesn't usually reflect the restaurant's quality.

My recent visit to Via Roma a few weeks ago left with a very good impression, so I decided to go back to confirm my initial feelings. I had the special again and was equally pleased with my experience... so a third visit may well be in the cards -- stay tuned!

Pictured below: vegetable soup and mushroom clam risotto.

Trattoria dei Trulli

If you're looking for a dining spot but are not to sure where to head, Plainpalais is usually a pretty good bet, chances are you'll find the cuisine you're looking for there -- especially if what you're looking for happens to be Italian or pizza! On one recent visit to the neighborhood, I stopped by Trattoria dei Trulli for a takeout pizza. There's nothing quite like a Margherita pie charred to perfection!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Burgers at the Intercon

So when you're grabbing a quick bite at a hotel, it's often either a burger or a club sandwich. On one such recent occasion, I had a cheeseburger at the Intercontinental in Geneva. An overall enjoyable experience but next time I would definitely hold the tomato sauce. Ketchup works in a burger, tomato sauce, not so much!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Kudeta gets rave reviews on the Internet. It is easy to see why, it is located in a trendy part of Carouge, the staff is very pleasant and the restaurant itself is well decorated. However, while I enjoyed the dishes for the most part, I asked for a medium steak and it came dry on the outside and a little rare to my liking. The goat cheese starter was very good though.

Via Roma

Via Roma is an Italian restaurant located in the old Carouge neighborhood. In addition to their menu, they have excellent specials at very affordable prices.

Pictured below: fresh bread, an eggplant and cheese starter, a scrumptious fresh pasta dish and poires belle helene for dessert.