Friday, October 15, 2010


When I first walked in to Nyamuk, a Thai restaurant located in Plainpalais, and took a look around me, I started racing through my head for possible excuses to leave the establishment and go eat somewhere else instead, it just didn't look very promising. Little did I know I would sit down to some of the best pad thai I've had in Geneva thus far! The ingredients were incredibly fresh, and the dish was just delicious. However, I should also mention that in comparison to other restaurants, Nyamuk's pad thai packs quite a bit of heat — nothing overpowering mind you, it's just a little spicier than you may be accustomed to if you've had the dish in some of Geneva's other Thai restaurants.

Pictured below: shrimp pad thai.

Shrimp pad thai - Nyamuk

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Apps for Foodies

Mashable, the social and digital media news site recently wrote an interesting entry about iPhone apps for foodies:

10 iPhone Apps for the Global Foodie

Do you use any of these apps?


Sagano is a Japanese restaurant located by the UNHCR, its owners also run Phuket and a number of other restaurants around the city. I hadn't been to Sagano in quite a long time, and thought a recent Friday night was the perfect opportunity to go back.

Pictured below: miso soup and a susi platter.

sagano - miso soup

sagano - sushi platter

La Table du 9

La Table du 9 is a restaurant I quite enjoy going to every so often. It's located in the Old Town, one of my favorite neighborhoods, it's rather cozy inside, I really like the subdued light and their dishes are tasty and original. However, while I appreciate the staff's friendliness, I've noticed they do tend to be a little slow sometimes... which as far as I'm concerned is OK if you're not in too much of a hurry.

Pictured below: salmon raita and shrimp starters, asparagus and mushroom risotto and a chocolate fondant.

salmon raita starter

shrimp starter

Asaparagus and mushroom risotto

chocolate fondant with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

LOVE ME DO - Gelato

Even though the temperatures are still fairly warm, the summer is definitely over. Nevertheless, one still craves a good scoop or two of scrumptious gelato every now and then. LOVE ME DO, a Plainpalais located joint, serves a number of different flavors, a nice combination of classic and original.

They also seem to sell pizza by the slice, but I haven't sampled their pies so there is not much I can say about them.

Pictured below: two scoops of chocolate and peanut butter goodness.

scoops of chocolate and peanut butter ice cream from LOVE ME DO