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Pakupaku is an Asian fusion restaurant located in Carouge. I had a few meals there over the last couple of years and I quite enjoy the atmosphere and the experience. The food is good without exactly being spectacular, and the service and decor are very pleasant.

Pictured below: dumplings, seaweed salad, spring rolls, fried shrimp, yakitori chicken, a bowl of steamed rice and beef teriyaki.

Auberge du Dully

I had been meaning to write a review about Auberge de Dully for a while now. And by the way, I apologize for the poor quality photos -- bad lighting and whatnot. Anyway, the establishment is located outside Geneva in the nearby Vaud area and I had been hearing about it for years before I became something of a regular myself sometime last winter.

The restaurant offers the kind of chalet style charm that tends to be so typical of Switzerland. In that sense, it's more of a wintery place, but I could completely see myself going in the summer too. Since it is located in Vaud right after Nyon, if you're in Geneva, it's something of a drive, but to me that's definitely part of the fun.

The restaurant's signature dish is rotisserie chicken -- and to a lesser extent, thin slices of lamb roast -- but my favorite parts of the meal tend to be the starter salad (I just love the dressing), the sides of rösti and french fries which come in several servings, and the delectable cream tart which we'll get to in a minute.

The rotisserie chicken, as is all too often the case, is something of a disappointment. Depending on where you're sitting in the restaurant, you sometimes actually get to see chicken roasting on a spit. This might mislead you into thinking you're about to eat tender, juicy, freshly-cooked chicken right off the spit, but more often than not, you'd be wrong, somehow, it always ends up feeling a little dry to me, and if you know how to make a decently tender roast chicken at home, chances are Dully's will pale in comparison.

To be fair, I've had friends tell me they were treated to incredibly tender rotisserie at Dully's, but I personally haven't had that experience. As for the lamb, there is not a whole lot to say about it, it's just plain blah.

Now let's get to dessert, the cream tart is probably one of my all-time favorite restaurant desserts. It's so simple yet such a treat for the taste buds. I think I love everything about it, its thin crispy texture, its delicious, sweet taste, and even the fact that you have to order it right at the start of your meal!

So as much as I definitely enjoy going to Auberge de Dully, I would say their signatures dishes are not the main draw as far as I'm concerned.

Pictured below: a basket of bread followed by a huge salad, rotisserie chicken, roast lamb, french fries and one of my favourite desserts ever: Auberge de Dully's cream tart.

Montreal's best eats - Lonely Planet travel video

Never been to Canada, but Montreal definitely looks like it knows how to serve up some pretty hearty food. Wouldn't you say?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine

I had been wanting to have a meal at Patara's for a long time. Le Patara is located in Geneva's Beau-Rivage hotel by the lake and it is probably the most upscale Thai restaurant in the city. I had been hearing mixed reviews for years. For the most part, I find Thai restaurants in this city to be a complete disappointment, all the more reason to see if Patara was any different and decide for myself if it was worth paying upwards of CHF 100 per person. A friend's recent birthday celebration was the perfect opportunity to spend an evening at the ritzy establishment.

Turns out the food is actually very good, it is certainly a notch above all the other Thai restaurants I've been to in the area. The service, on the other hand, leaves something to be desired. We had to wait a little too long for our starters and main courses and communicating with some of the restaurants's wait staff proved rather challenging. At one point we asked one of the waiters for an extra couple of minutes, but our request was either repeatedly misunderstood or ignored. Either way, I wasn't overly impressed with that aspect of my dining experience.

I should also add that while I thoroughly enjoyed my meal that evening, Patara seems to serve more of a fusion cuisine than the kind of authentic Thai food people often crave when they go to such restaurants.

So would I go back? Yes, but I'd expect better service - otherwise, I doubt there would be a third visit.

Pictured below: shrimp tacos, Tom kha kai (a Thai chicken and coconut soup),  Pad Thai and Khao Niaow Ma Muang - a delicious mango and sticky rice dessert.

Sushtime in Plan-les-Ouates

I think I may just have found my go-to take-out sushi place! Of course I tend to say these things only to realize the service and/or food is going downhill at lightning speed shortly thereafter, but I've been to Sushtime a few times now and I do have hope it will keep making quality fare consistently.  Sushtime is located in Plan-les-Ouates, and they have a restaurant area as well as a take-out area. Their menu is huge and as far as I'm concerned, their seared salmon sushi definitely gets  an extra mention.

Pictured below: an assortment of sushi, seared salmon and shrimp tempura maki rolls - did I ever mention how much I love cooked seafood in my sushi? Because I really do!

Interchangeable Burger Joints

Random thoughts I experience at McDonald's:
  1. This is really not a great burger.
  2. No wonder I hardly ever come to this place.
  3. Eating a meal here is a little depressing - ironically.
  4. This is actually not significantly worse than most of the "gourmet" burger joints in the area.
  5. OK NOW I'm depressed.

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Photo by Antonio Fajardo i López

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Montreal Hot Dog



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Photo by Scott Ableman

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Photo by Alpha

Photo by Alpha

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