Quick News

March 24, 2012: Couldn't make it to any of Geneva's supermarkets before closing time so I headed to France's Carrefour and got a few additional ingredients to make burgers. Had the ground meat, so I just needed buns and cheese. I got some cheddar singles and since the buns sitting around on their shelves looked, well, not entirely appetizing to put it mildly, I decided to get the closest thing to Kaiser rolls they had. Came back home and cooked everything up. All I can say is I was as unimpressed with the cheese as I was with the rolls. Will stick to my usual ingredients from now on, even if it means I have to move some things around in order to get to the supermarket in Geneva before 6 pm on Saturdays!

March 5, 2012: My past few restaurant experiences have been rather disappointing, I increasingly believe that in this economy, people have to (and will) select where they spend their money very carefully. Restaurant owners need to understand this if they hope to survive these troubled economic times. This simply doesn't seem to be the case in Geneva.