Saturday, September 3, 2011

American Food Avenue

I know that some of this blog's visitors are Genevan residents originally from the US and that they sometimes feel a little homesick. And of course one of the things people are most likely to miss when they're away from home, is the food they grew up eating! If you're experiencing similar feelings and aren't planning a visit home just yet, perhaps you can pay a visit to American Food Avenue located in the heart of Cologny to grab some of your favorite comfort food from back home!

If American food is what you're in the market for, Geneva actually offers a couple of choices, but right now, my preference goes to American Food Avenue simply because they are reasonably priced and very friendly, even though they don't enjoy the central location some of their competitors do. I would, however, recommend actually going to the store rather than ordering online just because I've hardly ever heard any good stories about ordering food online, so I tend to be very distrustful of the practice altogether.

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