Saturday, September 29, 2012

Le Furet

Le Furet is located in the Charmilles area, the restaurant is fairly nondescript from the outside, and once you're inside, don't expect warmth and fuzziness or anything, that is just not what they're known for. What they are known for is their signature all you can eat shrimp platters, they'll keep bringing them until you can handle no more. The shrimp come in a delicious garlic sauce and fries are also served with them. But here's the thing, it may say all you can eat, but chances are you really won't be able to eat that much! Indeed, you may feel full way before you expected to.

A little side note though - girls: trust me, this is really not the place to bring the mister on a first date... nor a second, nor a third, nor a fourth... you get my drift.

Anyway, the bottom line is if you're feeling really hungry one night and think you can handle the attitude that will come with your meal (it's not that they're unpleasant per se, but they do seem to be somewhat stressed a lot of the time), you might want to check this place out.

Pictured below: shrimp and french fries at Le Furet.

Shrimp platter, Le Furet -  Geneva, Switzerland

French fries, Le Furet -  Geneva, Switzerland

The Hamburger Foundation

The Hamburger Foundation claims to offer "the best burger in town" no less! Do they? Well, first of all, how hard is it to offer the best burger in Geneva? Most of the burger joints here are not that great anyway. Having said that, THF does offer a quality product, and I would go back every now and then... depending on where they're located. See, The Hamburger Foundation operates out of a food truck, and you have to check their website or their Facebook page to find out where they'll be on any given week. I'm very excited the food truck movement is finally taking off in Geneva and I do hope this will lead to more and more quality products at affordable prices.

I also found the staff to be really nice and friendly, and that is definitely something Geneva could use more of. However there are a few things I feel THF needs to work on a little more, for instance the bun (yes the bun, always the bun) is not quite what I would expect from "the best burger in town" though it is OK, but just OK. Furthermore the fries are disappointing at best. I suspect they may even be the frozen type, though I could be wrong. However, what does make The Hamburger Foundation a rather pleasing experience is the quality of the meat, definitely one of the better patties I've had in Geneva, it came a little rare to my liking but then again I didn't specify otherwise. I'll know to ask for medium rare next time, and hope they get it right.

A cheeseburger, fries and a drink will run you about CHF 20.- I guess that is what you would expect in this city.

One final point about The Hamburger Foundation: seriously people, if you're handling my food, please throw on some form of hat or hairnet or something!

Pictured below: a cheeseburger and fries from The Hamburger Foundation.

Cheeseburger, The Hamburger Foundation - Geneva, Switzerland

French fries, The Hamburger Foundation - Geneva, Switzerland

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Luigia - a couple of new dishes added to the menu

Well what can I say, Luigia has pretty much been my favorite restaurant since it first opened its doors in 2010. They've recently added a few new dishes to their menu and they are certainly worth checking out - I would especially recommend the sausage and eggplant paccheri.

Pictured below: a four-cheese gnocchi dish, sausage and eggplant paccheri and a cheesecake.

four-cheese gnocchi, Luigia - Geneva, Switzerland

sausage and eggplant paccheri, Luigia - Geneva, Switzerland

Cheesecake, Luigia - Geneva, Switzerland

Table du 9 - again!

I like going to Table du 9 every so often, though theirs is a small menu, they do change it on a regular basis, I also like the location and I like the restaurant itself. This last visit took place a couple of months ago but the duck breast was cooked to perfection.

Duck breast, Table du 9 - Geneva, Switzerland