Sunday, October 23, 2011


It would seem that small side streets that you could easily miss if you didn't chance upon them are often home to some of the finest restaurants. Indeed, Cittadella, a tiny Italian restaurant located in such a street in the Old Town is an absolute gem! While the food does tend to be on the expensive side, it is simply delicious, definitely worth trying at least once. They seem to make their own bread, which is always a good sign in my book, and the gnocchi is easily the best I've had in Geneva.

Pictured below: a wonderful scallop and grilled vegetable starter, fresh-baked bread and a shrimp pesto gnocchi dish.

Scallops and grilled vegetables - Cittadella, Geneva

Fresh-baked bread - Cittadella, Geneva

Shrimp and pesto gnocchi - Cittadella, Geneva

Saturday, October 22, 2011

La Ferme

If you happen to be in Onex and you're craving a HUGE pizza, then La Ferme is the place to go! I doubt you'll be able to finish it!

Pictured below: a margherita pizza.

Pizza - La Ferme, Onex


When most people think Turkish food in Geneva, they probably think of a kebab sandwich, but that's not what you'll be getting if you sit down to a meal at Sofram's, a small Turkish restaurant located in Servette. The food is tasty and fresh.

Pictured below: an assortment of Turkish appetizers followed by one of their signature dishes, köfte with a side of bulgur and vegetables.

Assortment of appetizers - Sofram, Geneva

Köfte - Sofram, Geneva


Shogun, yet another Eaux-Vives located restaurant, is considered to be one of the best Japanese places these days. The food is indeed fresh and tasty, their sushi certainly doesn't disappoint, and their seaweed salad is simply excellent!

Pictured below: a sushi platter.

Sushi platter - Shogun, Geneva

Il Mirto

Il Mirto is an Italian restaurant located in Eaux-Vives. It's a little fancier than your typical Italian fare and in fact, the restaurant doesn't even serve pizza. Instead, it offers a unique selection of appetizers and various pasta, meat and fish dishes.

I definitely enjoyed their food and the atmosphere and would gladly go back.

Pictured below: Burrata and grilled vegetables followed by a squid and artichoke starter, a crayfish pasta dish and finally a scrumptious panna cotta dish.

Burrata and grilled vegetables - Il Mirto, Geneva

Squid starter - Il Mirto, Geneva

Crayfish pasta dish - Il Mirto, Geneva

Panna Cotta - Il Mirto, Geneva