Sunday, May 26, 2013


There are actually a few Persian restaurants in Geneva. Most of them aren't bad. But because I have a couple of Persian friends who know their way around a kitchen, I'm usually unwilling to settle for anything less. However Hafez, located in the Rive area, does tend to stand out. It is one of the older Persian restaurants in Geneva, and the quality of their food is clearly head and shoulders above that of their competition.

Pictured below: Persian flatbread followed by fava bean rice and fall off the bone tender lamb shanks (I believe the dish is called Baghali Polo) and a saffron pistachio ice cream.

Burgers at Café Latitude

We all know a bunch of burger joints have opened their doors in Geneva in the past year or two. Many of them would have us believe they are in the gourmet burger business, but I think I've been plenty vocal about how they really, really don't even come close. As far as I'm concerned, many of the burger joints in Geneva aren't even in the burger business. But that's another story.

I will say, however, a couple of places do make a very decent burger. One that comes to mind is Café Latitude in Geneva's ICC building by the airport. Frankly, I've always enjoyed their burgers and on a recent trip back, I noticed they changed their bun to a brioche bun which makes the experience even tastier!

Pictured below: A cheeseburger with a side of fries and cole slaw.

The Mediterranean Grill

So this was my second visit to The Mediterranean Grill. I was quite happy with my first visit to the Turkish restaurant, and I wanted to go back to see how it held up. I definitely enjoyed my second meal there and would gladly go back for a third!

Pictured below: zucchini fritters, an assortment of appetizers and köfte (Turkish meatballs) with salad, flatbread and bulgur pilavi.

Table du 9

Yep, yep, more Table du 9. What can I say I just love that place.

Pictured below: vol-au-vent followed by the most delicious veal hanger steak over Pommes Anna (layered potatoes).