Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mediterranean Grill

Constantly finding new restaurants you actually want to try in Geneva can be a bit of a challenge. But when I recently got my hands on some vouchers for the Mediterranean Grill, located in Plainpalais, I thought "Why not?" It turns out the Mediterranean Grill is actually a Turkish restaurant run by a very friendly gentleman.

The vouchers entitled us to a mixed appetizer platter and one of the specials as the main course. That day, the specials included lahmacun, a Turkish-style pizza, which we ordered mostly just because we wanted to taste it - but we were also drawn to some of the other items on the menu, so we ordered a couple of other dishes and paid the difference. The menu led me to believe there would be a few more veggies in my köfte dish, so that was a bit of a letdown but overall I enjoyed my meal at Mediterranean Grill and would definitely go back, though if a delicious Turkish meal in Geneva is what you're looking for, Sofram certainly comes to mind as a worthy contender.

Pictured below: lavash, a Turkish flatbread, assorted appetizers, lahmacun, and finally, köfte served with bulgur, one of my favorite Turkish dishes. Oh and by the way, the zucchini fritter in the appetizer platter was absolutely amazing!

Turkish flatbread, Mediterranean Grill - Plainpalais, Geneva

Mixed appetizers, Mediterranean Grill - Plainpalais, Geneva

Lahmacun, Mediterranean Grill - Plainpalais, Geneva

Köfte with bulgur, Mediterranean Grill - Plainpalais, Geneva

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