Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm not much for red meat but I am partial to the occasional cheeseburger (or steak). However, I don't really care for fast food chains and I actually think the best burgers are home-made. Having said that, there are a few places in Geneva that serve up a decent burger and are worth checking out.

One such place is old town café Demi-Lune. Their burgers come in several varieties and are accompanied by a traditional side of fries. However, I for one feel it is high time to find an alternative to fries as an accompaniment, I no longer really enjoy them and they're hardly ever home-made. Also, if you like your meat well-done, you should mention that when ordering otherwise it might be a little rare.

Best of all, however, was their strawberry crisp, a crispy almond crust covered in custard and topped with fresh strawberries and confectioner's sugar -- definitely a winner!

Pictured below: a cheeseburger with a side of fries followed by strawberry crisp.

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