Sunday, August 30, 2009

Forno a Legna

Pizzerias abound in Geneva and when it comes to recipe and technique, the gamut runs from coal-oven thin crust pizza to electric oven thick crust pizza... my preference, of course, goes to the former type (though I have enjoyed the occasional thick crust pizza in a number of establishments but hopefully more on that in an upcoming post). Also, I usually order a plain margherita, the first pizza listed on many a menu. However, when it comes to toppings, there is so much to choose from, so for the purpose of this blog, I decided to expand my pizza horizons and try a couple of different things.

One small pizzeria I quite like is Forno a Legna located in the lively neighborhood of Servette. They make a coal oven thin crust pizza that is definitely worth the trip! Of course, I usually go for their margherita (they also make excellent pasta dishes) but this time I gave their vegetarian pizza a try, and quite enjoyed it. A word to the wise, though, if you're getting takeout pizza, go easy on the toppings, especially if you're planning to eat your pizza on the move!

Pictured below, a vegetarian pizza from Il Forno a Legna, toppings include bell peppers, mushrooms, artichokes and capers... and to boot a nicely charred crust:

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